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Hello Portland!

Hello Portland!


A few weeks ago I traveled up to Portland, Oregon to check out the sights, sounds, food and parks. What a beautiful city, but i will say one thing… BRRRRR! hehe. I have to go back in the Summer to enjoy the city more, so many outdoor activities to check out, that the winter doesn’t allow you to.

I absolutely loved the Japanese Garden, it should be on everyone’s “Portland To Do List.”

Food Tips: Everyone raves about VooDoo donuts, and yes they are delicious and of course I had like 4. There are two other gems I came across that are must do’s: Eat Diner with its quirky and tasty donut hamburger sliders and yummy Canadian influenced Poutine (cheese, gravy and fries). Roxy Diner, open 24 hours is a great spot for a late night breakfast after the clubs. So tasty you will ask for a doggy bag to savor the left overs when you wake up.

pdx sliders

I had a blast when I met Bolivia Carmichaels at CC Slaughters nightclub. You better follow her on twitter @QueenBolivia and hit her up when you get to Portland. She co-hosts a radio show on Wild Planet Radio and I was a guest on yesterday’s show. Take a listen listen, my interview starts at 17 minutes in. Enjoy the naked truth:

There you have it folks, some fun tips to Portland… Till next time, Live Life NAKED!

🙂 J.Son