About NakedBoyNews.com

The original NBN Logo

NakedBoyNews.com launched in May of 2008 as the brain child of J.Son (pronounced J Dot Son!). The purpose of the site is to give the NAKED truth of the news as J.Son sees it. This is not about being politcally correct… just like one of his faves… he is politcally incorrect most of the time.

You may be asking yourself.. “Why Naked Boy News when he isn’t NAKED?” – J.Son always says its about telling the NAKED truth! Don’t live your life hidden behind a mask or hiding your true feelings, if you do something… Do It NAKED! and be the real you!

Since its start in 2008 NakedBoyNews.com has been featured on CNN, USA Today, Vegas Weekly and many other news outlets. With over 5 million video views on YouTube, iReport, CBSEyeMobile and others, it seems like many people want to hear J.Son’s NAKED truth… or at least see him bare all…

The site has gone through many changes over the years and in 2012 the site got another facelift. This time including a regularly updated news blog as well as weekly videos and much more. Take a look around and explore the new NakedBoyNews.com!

About J.Son:

Crazy. Fun. JDotSon.

Crazy. Fun. JDotSon.

J.Son on the Mic at Events:

J.Son currently resides in Las Vegas, NV where he hosts and MC’s events. He is most well known for his annual summer pool party, Temptation Sundays at the Luxor resort on the World Famous Strip. He has been seen on the following TV shows including Fear (MTV), Inked (A&E), American Morning (CNN) and Moost Unusual (CNN).

Contact J.Son via email at: BoyNews@live.com

Check out some fun photos from over the years:

2009 Radio Tour stop in Syracuse NY at HOT 107.9 fm

J.Son in the 2009 NYC Gay Pride Parade

J.Son makes the West Hollywood gossip pages in 2010

J.Son hosting the 2010 Fabulous Vegas Weekend with Logo & MGM Resorts

  1. nice bulge you have there J.son. Love to see all of you truly naked:)

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