Naked on Both Sides of the Line

Special Video, my stance on politics puts me on both sides of the line… How about you?

please leave a comment on this video below. Thanks!

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  1. I will vote for any politician that is for nudity and partial nudity in public, but this has never been made a campaign issue. And with all the jobs going over seas, either we need to move out of the country too and join the conservative movement, or get more social programs and gov. jobs here since private industry is not creating them. I am also for a law that states that fat people must wear clothes in public because nudity for fat people would be a form of visual pollution. I am not for pollution. I do not support intentionally unhealthy fat people, but we need some form of government health care. If we made nudity allowed in more places, more people would loss wieght increase the levels of vitamin D and it would save billions of dollars in unnecessary health care. I am not for married politicains to force thier unique personal beliefs on others, and if they want to get married 4 times, it just makes themselves look foolish. So I am thinking two ways too and the naked trueth is the real solution.

  2. I used to live near the Luxor Hotel and Casino and I would spend a nude weekend at the Luxor Spa and enjoyed swimming in my Speedo thong swim suit at the outdoor pool. It was the best thing for me to do in Vegas! I was totally addicted to the massages. As for marriage, I am for gay marriage and also for gay singles who do not want marriage but face discrimination in the work place because they are not married.

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